Come Play Cashflow with us!

Come Play Cashflow with us!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Cashflow Club Meeting – Guest Teacher Built 2 INC 500 Companies by age 30 – Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cashflow Club Meeting – Guest Teacher Built 2 INC 500 Companies by age 30 – Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey Gang

We are going to have a great Cashflow Club meeting on Saturday, May 15th. Our guest teacher's name is Richard Swanson.

Richard grew up in a little 2,000 person town in Iowa. When he was growing up one hundred dollars was considered a lot of money to him.

Without a college education Richard decided to leave his home town. With only a few hundred dollars, that he had saved, in his pocket...he headed off to California to try and make something of his life.

Through a lot of persistence, and maybe a little naivety, he got a job and was mentored by someone with 35 years of experience in the banking world. That experience lead Richard to examine thousands of businesses.

Richard took that experience and the skills he developed and went on to build two very successful businesses. In fact those two businesses were both recognized as by INC Magazine and both his companies landed on the coveted INC 500 List. Only 50 people have ever built two separate companies that have landed on the INC 500 List...and only one has ever done it twice by age 30...and that one is Richard Swanson!

In 1995, The San Jose Business Journal named Richard Swanson “A Leader of Generation X” along with Marc Andreesen, the founder of Netscape and Jerry Yang, the founder of Yahoo!

I think it is great that Richard Swanson has decided to come share his knowledge with the Cashflow Club! He is just a down to earth guy, from a small town of 2,000 people in Iowa, that didn't grow up with a “Rich Dad”...just like most of us. He didn't even get a college education...but he found a way to make it in the Dot Com world known as Silicon Valley!

Richard knows that most people do not have a website...or if they do have a isn't effective...regardless of what kind of products, services, or lead generation the website is trying to promote or sell.

Richard is going to take about 1 hour and 45 minutes building an effective website right before your eyes!!! He is doing this class as a workshop and if you have a laptop/netbook...or can borrow one for the can follow along with him. He has actually taught people to build an effective website, with no website creation experience, and has made it a very simple process for ANYONE...beginner or expert.

There is no charge for the Cashflow Club meeting or for Richard teaching you what he normally sells to his clients. Richard is doing this because he and I became friends while attending a mastermind group we both joined about 3-4 months ago. I told him I thought it would be cool if he'd come and teach about his experiences building his companies...and when he offered to teach you something practical...that you can use right away...of course I jumped at the opportunity!

There are two prerequisites you must do prior to attending this class in order for it to be effective for you:
1.Before you come you must get a NEW domain name (you cannot use a domain name that's already in use by a website or blog). You can go to and get a dot com name for only $9.99
2.You will need to invest about $5.00-$10.00 so that your new website can be hosted. In order to do this you will need to bring your credit card or debit card to he Cashflow Club meeting. (Don't worry...there is nothing for sale outside of you paying for your site to be hosted.)

So there you go...for about $20.00 you will be able to build your own effective website! How many of you have spent hundreds...or even thousands of dollars...for websites that aren't effective for you?!!! The approximately $20.00 you will invest is not even going to Richard for teaching you, it's just covering costs so you can build and host your own site. In fact if Richard were charging you there is no way it would be even close to only $20.00!!!

Richard has even made a video recording of a previous presentation where you can see the screen shots of what he's doing while he's narrating. He has a protected website where people who are paid clients get their own password so they can access these videos. THIS ISN'T FREE...but he's not selling it either. You can have access to this website IF you bring a friend with you to the Cashflow Club meeting, who is not yet on our Cashflow Club email list (family members that live in your home DO NOT count). He is allowing this so that we grow our Cashflow Club community. Your friend will need to go to and sign up on our Cashflow Club email list BEFORE they come to the Cashflow Club meeting with you. This will allow your friend AND you to get access to the videos. Please make sure your friend gets a domain name before they come and make sure they know they'll need $5.00-$10.00 they can put on their card for web hosting. In fact, I'd give your friend a call and forward them this email so they get all the details. This is an exciting workshop and the sooner you get prepared the better. are important details for our Cashflow Club meeting.

The locations is The Club E Office. The address is 1095 W. Rio Salado Parkway suite 104, Tempe, AZ 85281
The Cashflow Club meeting is from 6pm-10pm
The date is Saturday, May 15, 2010
Doors open at 6pm. Richard will be teaching from approximately 615pm-8pm. He has a lot to cover and will need to start on time. Please commit to be in your seats at 610pm.
At 8pm we will change gears, take a quick break, and start playing the Cashflow game. This will go to 945pm.
Everyone will help clean up and we will be out by 10pm.
If you have your own Cashflow 101 and/or 202 game please bring it with you. If you don't have your own game that's ok. I have personally have some extras and we should be fine with games.
Snacks and drinks – please bring something to drink for yourself...but please bring snacks to share with at least 6 people. If you bring something that requires utensils, plates or bowls please make sure you supply that too. We have everyone bring snacks they are willing to share with the group. Our Cashflow Club meetings last a while and people appreciate being able to snack on something throughout the evening. By everyone bringing something to share we don't have to charge admission.
There is a cost for us to use the room...but it doesn't cost anything to attend the Cashflow Club meetings. If you like to give a small cash donation to help pay for the room...that would be appreciated...but not required. I'm covering the room cost myself.
You will probably like to bring a calculator with you. This helps when playing the Cashflow games.
You will probably want to have a good pencil when you play the game.
You may want to bring something to take notes on when Richard is teaching.
If you bring a computer with you please have it charged before you come. We might be limited on our ability to plug in computers. Don't count on being able to do this.
Remember...bring a friend and you will both get access to the video recordings for FREE! Please refer to the earlier details.

This is going to be a great Cashflow Club meeting!!! With Richard teaching and delivering so much value for FREE I imagine we will have a great turnout! You are getting an amazing entrepreneur as a teacher and an EFFECTIVE WEBSITE for only the cost of a domain name and hosting (approximately $20.00 total investment).

Oh by the more thing...

We want everyone who comes to build and host their own in other words if you come with a spouse, friend, significant other or a mature child...EACH PERSON WILL NEED TO HAVE THEIR OWN DOMAIN NAME BEFORE YOU COME (get one cheap here ). This meeting won't be effective for you if your don't have this done. If you don't have your own laptop/netbook try to borrow one...but if not don't stress it! Watch Richard build a website and take notes. Also, if you bring a friend you'll have access to the it's all good.

See you there,

Kevin Sparks – Founder of The Largest Cashflow Club in AZ

What is the CASHFLOW CLUB and what happens at our meetings?

I imagine that you are probably already familiar with the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, with the author Robert Kiyosaki, and/or with the game Cashflow. If you aren’t familiar with any of this you can go to and get plenty of information there.

The Cashflow Club meets 2-4 times a month in different areas of the Valley. When we get together we usually have 40-50 (and sometimes more) people at our meetings. Our Cashflow Club meetings are FREE and you are always welcome to have your friends, associates, and family members come with you…in fact we encourage you to invite them. I would like to invite you to attend our upcoming WSN Cashflow Club meetings.

Why play the game and what will you learn? Games like the Cashflow board game are a powerful mechanism because they reflect our true behavior. As a learning tool, games enable people to “learn by doing.” Very often, the learning process is so fun that we sometimes forget that a key purpose of playing a game like Cashflow is to heighten financial literacy.

CASHFLOW® 101 is an innovative educational board game that is designed to make the subject of accounting, investments and finance fun. This unique Rich Dad game teaches financial intelligence - how to understand the game of money and investing (skills not taught in school) ... and makes learning fun! Take the first STEP.... attend a CASHFLOW event and learn:

*Understand Assets vs. liabilities
*What the Rich teach their children
*How to increase your financial intelligence

In addition to playing Cashflow at our meetings we have a speaker/teacher, who is usually a member of our group, share with us what they do and how they got out of the Rat Race in real life. That way we are taught and mentored by people local to our area, which is very valuable to the members of the group. What happens is that successful people get the opportunity to “Give Back” by sharing their knowledge and wisdom with the group.

In addition to being invited to attend the FREE Worldwide Success Network Cashflow events I will sometimes send you updates on other things happening throughout the Valley that could be of benefit to you and possibly help you in your quest to get farther ahead financially. You can take or leave these offers…either way is ok with me. We have over 3000 members of our group, Valley wide, and the feedback has been that our members like to receive these invitations. The prevailing attitude seems to be; “If it can possibly help, please tell me about it, and I’ll decide what events can benefit me and which events I’d like to attend”.

I hope to see you at an WSN event in the near future.

Sincerely, Kevin Sparks

TO RECEIVE EMAIL REMINDERS AND INVITATIONS TO OUR CASHFLOW CLUB MEETINGS there is a sign-up box towards the top of this website.

What our members have to say about our Cashflow events

Here are some testimonials for our Cashflow events. I hope you can see what a great benefit we can be for you too!

Well here goes my testimonial of the cash flow club.

In November of 2002 I came to Phoenix not knowing what I was going to do with my life and only having 75cents to my name there wasn't much I could do with that, but just knowing that I had a great desire to succeed moved me forward. I have always know that I was an entrepreneur and would not be able to work for someone else for a long period of time. So I read Rich Dad Poor Dad on a recommendation from a friend who had not even read it yet. I embraced these philosophies and in July of 2003 I bought my first rental property, and shortly after that I met Kevin Sparks at a real estate meeting in Chandler, he gave me a invitation to the cash flow club. I decided to go just because it was FREE, unlike anything else people were offering. I have continued to go there on a monthly basis and I have to say I have met some incredible people that have pointed me towards great resources plus given me the support that I needed to go to the next level, and get out of the rat race. It is very hard to get out of the rat race with out a good group of people behind you rooting you on. The cash flow club gives you the opportunity become more than you are, and with no charge or gain to those who organize it.

Thanks Kevin


From: Steve Olafson

Re: The Excellence of Kevin Sparks!

I have been involved in the Cashflow games with Kevin since he started. When he began the initial organization, I lived in Prescott. I felt that it was worth my time to drive down and network with the other "like minded" people in the Valley.

I am out of the "rat-race" myself and have been for a few years. I really enjoy watching others take the steps to get their own start.

This is a service that Kevin has been providing with the organization of all the groups and individuals for the meetings/games. The turnout and reception that he has received has been phenomenal. There are a great number of people from all walks of life. They range from competent investors to beginners with everything in between. The fact that he is able to bring them all together in a cohesive learning environment is awesome.

I am a great believer in the "Cashflow" game and the teachings of Robert. I have encouraged my "young adult" children to attend the games. I have also had all my children read the books and have talked with them about the philosophy a great deal.

Kevin's organizational skills are great. He is very personable and makes others feel comfortable and welcome. I have witnessed his dedication to getting tasks completed with extra effort.

To Whom It May Concern:This letter is being emailed as a Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Kevin Sparks who has been most instrumental in my information and introduction to the cash flow philosophy.He has been very efficient and effective in promoting the meetings and the activities involved in learning to play the cash flow game of life!Kevin comes highly recommended as being a positive force in assisting others to improve their lives.If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me direct.Vickie TengeVice PresidentUNITED ARIZONA COMMERCIAL623 South Country Club DriveMesa, Arizona 85210(C) 602-703-5400

Good morning Kevin. I met you over a year ago when I was "working" and looking to get out of the 9 to 5. I have attended only a few of the Cashflow Club meetings - only because of other committments. However, I have enjoyed the meetings tremendously. The few that I attended I was able to meet with other like minded people but more importantly than that I can remember one day before I left my 9 to 5 job I was needing someone to talk to about this "big move" in my life. I phoned you and you took the time to encourage me in my decision, of which I am very appreciative. I imagine I am only one of hundreds whom you have been there for.

Because I believe in the law of reciprocity, I know things will work out extremely well for you. I wish you the very best. Whoever puts you on their team will of made a decided improvement to their organization.


Yvonne Harral


I have recently joined the Cash Flow club hosted by Kevin Sparks. We met at a Cash Flow promotion at Mesa Community College.

My first impression of Kevin remains my lasting impression. He is extremely focused on Robert's principles and is a champion of the Cash Flow philosophy. He has attracted many lecturers and new members to his Cash Flow club. It is clear to me that he is a strong organizer, an enthusiastic leader, and an energetic promoter. If Kevin had strong support from the Kiyosaki organization his boundless energies could spread this important philosophy to a much broader and larger population of believers.

I believe in the Cash Flow philosophy and I believe in Kevin.


Paul J. Bonarrigo
Software Engineering Consultant

Where do I start! The cash flow games have meant so much to us. We meet so many different people doing so many different things it's great just to hear the different types of purchases they make, and we are able to ask lots of questions and people seem to give the answers freely. I don't know of any other resource where we can get this kind of information so easily. And it's big fun! We're very grateful to Kevin to organize something like this. He does such a great job! From the people he has lined up to speak to us, to the snacks that he has at every game, it's such a great time.
Now, personally, we have many rental properties and are always in the market for another. We have built up a team of several realtors, an appraiser, a mortgage lender, a home inspector and several handymen. I have some guys now that are between 20 and 25 that I am now mentoring and they're doing the same thing as us. Tony, the 25 year-old, is now searching for his 3rd rental property and he is going to pass me up soon if he keeps on going like this!
We have been going to the games for about 12 months now and again are very thankful to Kevin for hosting these games. They have been invaluable.

Personally, I think having Kevin the crusader! on your team would be a great ASSET for you folks!!!

Bob Ahrendt

Hi Kevin, I just wanted to thank you and all you represent for hosting the cashflow 101/202 club. The game has certainly elevated my knowledge as an investor and meeting and networking with new people are great rewards in moving forward in the real estate world. I have been able to speak with you outside of the cashflow 101/202 atmosphere and I appreciate your integrity and I know your heart is right with helping people in their situations. I see you at all the real estate functions around the Phoenix area in the last year or so, and it has been a pleasure to learn from you as well.Once again, thank you Kevin for your experience and willingness to share what you know and I wish you a fabulous and profitable future in the real estate arena. Sincerely, Randy Shaw

Hi,Since going from a business owner to a blue collar worker in the early 90's andtaking a big loss in the stock market in 2000 I became depressed. The people atwork and my friends were so negative about real potential. I then becameriddled with debt.After reading and listening to Roberts tapes I became somotivated again I could not wait to buy the game cash flow. I quickly joinedseveral of the cash flow clubs so I can surround myself with positive peopleand start learning and detworking again until my mind is filled with ideas.However most of the clubs only meet once a month and usually on days that I cannot attend but Kevin's group kept me going with meetings every two weeks and always with a speaker who likeme started slow with nothing and gradually built up. Although I am far frombeing out of the rat race I am waiting and watching for oportunities until myintuition takes place and grabs me. Another thing I like about the club is thatI usually end up at a table with new people and I get to teach and help themsomething I enjoy doing as it is a way for me to give back.After going on a two month vacation, I was astounded to see non of my friendswanted to play the game. It was then that I realized that it is time for me tochange the people I associate with. Thanks Kevin I really appreciate you hosting the gameJeff Wiener

I would like to wholeheartedly commend Kevin Sparks on the wonderful opportunity he offers individuals and families during his Cashflow Club meetings. I played Cashflow 101 for the first time during one of his "free" meetings (the food was great by the way). My outlook on life was literally changed. I was in Phoenix, Arizona on business and I decided that I needed to learn how to play Cashflow. Once that night ended, my mind was spinning out of control. I immediately called my wife and told her that we have to buy Cashflow 101. I ordered it and we purchased it when I returned to Richmond, VA. I immediately called my friend who resides in Phoenix and has made plans to plug into one of Kevin's meetings.The experience I had was priceless. I was surprised to find out the Kevin was hosting the meetings for free. Whenever I visit Phoenix, I try my best to attend a Cashflow club meeting. The atmosphere during the meetings is one of professionalism and success.I want to wish many years of success to Kevin Sparks.Best regards,J.D. Elliby

Last week, I attended a meeting of the Cashflow 101/102 Club for the first time. From time to time, I have been able to host a game at my home, so I know how much effort and hutzspa it takes to get even a small cooperative cashflow adventure going - let alone sustain it. I was delighted to see not only the size and dedication of the group, but the spirit in the room. I especially appreciated the guest speaker's presentation and the support from sponsors. Congrats for your success so far; please keep up the good work. And once you've succeeded in Phoenix, how about taking the show on the road to our friends in Tucson?

Thanks Kevin!


Roger Wyer

Here's a recommendation with a twist...I am NOT in the real estate orinvestment profession. But that doesn't mean that I don't embrace the RichDad philosophy...not by a long shot! It means that I love to come out andhear the speakers that Kevin lines up before the Cashflow game and to playthe game myself. Wrapping my brain around the Rich Dad philosophy has been areal exercise in "deprogramming" the learnings from my youth and realizingthat there's a whole world of opportunity out there. We just need to learnit and DO IT! I think it's great that Kevin cares enough to offer hisservices to those who want to learn and play Cashflow. It's also a great wayto meet people who are trying to do the same thing. So I wholeheartedly givemy support and recommendation of Kevin Sparks. He deserves it! Cheryl Taylor

JPS Holdings, LLC.
4554 W. Harrison St.
Chandler, AZ. 85226

Dear Kevin,

I would like to write a letter of appreciation on your work with the Cashflow Club. As you know I have been attending games since your second night of playing. I just want to say how much I appreciate the way you have conducted the games and the professionalism you have displayed. I have referred several friends to attend the games and they always walk away very satisfied having played the game.

I am an avid reader of all of Robert Kyosaki's books. I truly believe in his philosophy. The game is a great way to learn this philosophy and I commend you for promoting it to so many people through the Cashflow game nights. Mr. Kyosaki should be very proud to have individuals as you to promote his philosophies and his game.

As always, I look forward to the next game night.

Thank you very much…


John Taylor

Kevin, I first met Kevin at a Cashflow club that he had organized. I had just played Cashflow for the first time and I was excited that someone had organized such an event. I wanted to play, meet and learn from others who were willing to play not only the board game but the real game as well. Through this first Cashflow meeting I met several people that would become good friends. One ran a local REA club that created new opportunities for me that would not have occurred otherwise. I would see Kevin again and again at the various meetings, sitting in the front row and absorbing as much as possible about the topic at hands. This guy was serious about getting out of the Rat Race. But what makes Kevin unique is he not just his desire of getting out of the rat race himself, but his desire to do the same for others. That's ultimately why he will get out of the game so much faster and in the process continue to touch the lives for the better of those around him. Regards, Trent ParkerWe Do Buy Inc.www.wedobuy.comtrent@wedobuy.com1-888-WEDOBUY

Dear Cashflow team,

I'm writing this letter to share with you my personal experiences with Kevin Sparks and the effect that the Cashflow Event has had on my life.

For starters I meet Kevin through a mutual friend that also shared in our "Rich Dad" philosophy, Craig Cottrell. Kevin had been hosting the event and I participated in a few games. The event has made a tremendous difference in my life through positive reinforcement, continued education and along the way I've meet some great people.

Kevin's leadership and organization skills are evident when you first step foot in the door. His marketing expertise speaks of itself as we have seen this club grow from a few members to 100+ people at each event. Along the way he been a gracious host and displays masterful network skills as Kevin is always there to greet each member and make good faith efforts to promote the sponsors of this event at all opportunities. Kevin seems to have a burning passion for the Rich Dad philosophy's as he unselfishly gives his time and energy to this cause.

I am very happy to have meet Kevin and am very proud to be apart of this club.


Bryan Johnson
First Finance
Vice President

My introduction to the Cash Flow game was at a tax seminar in the fall of 2001, at the beginning of much-needed adult financial education. It was so much fun, and reinforced the direction we had chosen, that we formed a monthly group to play and learn about real estate investing by sharing our own experiences, which went several directions from builder lease-backs to fix-and-flips. While we enjoyed the company of one another, our original group's game strategies grew stale and predictable.

With the most wonderful timing, along came Kevin Sparks with a free Cash Flow game club open to investors at all levels. We found a diverse community of people interested in various venues of real estate but sharing the Rich Dad philosophy. Through playing, we've had the opportunity to be business social with more seasoned investors as well as been re-energized with newcomers and been introduced to a wide variety of business deal "styles" – a great way to expand your horizons!

As we were having fun, Kevin continued to introduce new people and ideas. He's been forward-thinking to expand what is offered to go beyond the social / networking time to include an informative real estate-related presentation.

While we appreciate the sponsors, I know it's Kevin's diligence that has made the Cash Flow nights so successful. Thanks to Kevin for taking the idea into reality!

Stephanie Thomson Bowers

Dear Kevin, I would like to thank you personally for inviting meto the early Cashflow meetings last year. I haverecently not been attending the meetings only becauseI have moved out of town and cannot feasibly make it.Otherwise I would be there every time. You have turnedme on to a new way of life and way of thinking that Imay not have encountered without participating in yourclub. I now have a forward outlook in life, am goaloriented and I understand my personal finances. I hope that Robert Kiyosaki and his team realize howimportant a club like yours and a leader with yourpassion and energy are to the mission of his company.I and many others voraciously read every one of theRich Dad series after getting a taste at your meeting.Good luck with all of your future endeavors, keep meon your mailing list, and thank you, thank you, thankyou. Sincerely, Steve Lauman

To whom it may concern, I have been attending the Cash flow 101/202 Club meeting for about 4 months now and I must say I love it! I always feel like I have a partner in becoming financially independent whenever I talk to the members. Although, I am a long way from being financially independent, I can now see that it is just a matter of time. To date I have purchased 3 properties and am currently looking for a fourth. I want to thank you Kevin for all your effort in getting this club to where it is today, because with it I would feel like I am out on an island trying to make this work. Keep up the great work!!! Frederick Johnson

I have been going to the Cashflow 101/202 Club for about 6 months now and have become a better investor. Because of the club, I have been able to network with other investors and have learned a great deal about investing - especially real estate.

I get a big charge out of playing the game and usually stay long after the game to talk to other Cash Flow players about different investing possibilities.

After playing a few times, I received an email from Kevin about Cashflow being played at Mesa Community College. It was there that I bought my first Cashflow (E101) game. After playing E101 for a while and talking to some of the people at Cashflow 101/202 games, I bought my 2nd (E202) Cashflow game.
I am even more hooked on E202 than E101!

Because of the Cashflow 101/202 games in Mesa and E101/E202, I am now expanding my stock investing with options. I made $900 in 1 week the first option I bought! I never would have had the confidence or be able to comprehend options without playing Cashflow!

I am close to closing my first Real Estate deal and have joined a reputable network marketing company helping others organizing their finance and insurance needs.

I am learning so much from the game and especially the people I meet at the Cashflow 101/202 games played in Mesa.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Kevin Sparks for organizing the monthly Cashflow games and for bringing in so many informative guest speakers.
They would not be lending their time and knowledge if it weren't for their respect for Kevin Sparks and the investor "community" at the Mesa Cashflow 101/202 games.

I am excited for Kevin and am sure he will bring more of that "community" atmosphere to an even larger audience at Rich Dad.

Patrick Frazier

Kevin, I regret not having written this to you sooner -- I was trapsing around Europe,enjoying being "out of the rat-race" myself! :-) I have really enjoyed the Cashflow 101/202 Club, and have found it a very usefulopportunity to share with others. I enjoy playing the board game, and I alsohave greatly enjoyed helping others learn from the game. Although I prettymuch had my "team" set up before I got involved with the Club, I can certainlysee how it is useful to beginners. I think that the Cashflow 101/202 Club is a wonderful way for people juststarting out in realestate investment to get to "network" in a very fun setting,while still learning a great deal about Robert Kiyosaki's principles. Clark Jones

To whom it may concern,

I have attended several of the cashflow games that Kevin has hosted, and I can't say enough about what I have got out of them. From the very first game, I felt myself thinking differently about money, recognizing the importance of accumulating "assets."

It took me a few games to get out of the rat race, but the first time I did was exhilarating. A new kind of freedom! I know now what real estate investing can bring me, because of this game.

As a result, I have begun in earnest to invest in real estate. I just put two properties under contract, both of which promise to close before the end of this month. My strategy is buy and hold, and I already have tenants for one of the property.

Playing the game is great. LIVING the game is better. :)

Kevin and his CashFlow games significantly contributed to my success.

In gratitude,
Linda Costello

Dear Sir / Madam,

Since having met Kevin at my local Real Estate club, I have learnt about your company, Robert Kiyosaki and the Cashflow game. I have learnt what an impact these combinations can make on my lifestyle. You provide the education that allows us to make a shift in our lifestyle. This shift can mean all the difference between what we want from life, from what we now have in life. I would not know your product had it not been for Kevin.

Kevin's continual enthusiasm and support of your product is continually expressed when he presents the "Cashflow club" schedule, at our meetings. We, as members, look forward to knowing when the next meeting shall be. The enjoyment that we have experienced playing the game keeps us coming back.

The meetings are further enhanced with the opportunity to hear guest speakers give talks. These talks are a good warm up to the meetings as they prepare your mind and get you thinking financially.

Each meeting is well organized and on time. I commend Kevin for his efforts and organization skills that bring together education, fun, networking and entertainment. He definitely seems to be able to multitask through a myriad of circumstances both in preparing and during these events.

I believe that if you take on staff that believes in your product, then you will be bringing in the right caliber of personnel that your company needs.
Kevin would definitely be one of them.


Jason Real